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Protecting The Economic Value of Your Park West Property

Protected ValueCovenants

Park West Declaration of Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions (generally referred to as “the covenants”) have been adopted and recorded in public records, the purpose of which is to preserve the economic values within your neighborhood through architectural controls, deed restrictions, and maintenance of common grounds and facilities, such as the main and second entrances, parks, lagoons, bike and jogging paths and open spaces.

Deed Restrictions

The deed restrictions are important rules governing your responsibilities as a property owner in Park West. They protect your rights as a homeowner, and make sharing of property and living in harmony convenient and easy for all involved. The architectural controls provided in the deed restrictions are set up not to stifle an individual owner’s creativity, but rather to assure that the integrity of the original community design is preserved.

Associations and Their Responsibilities

Various property associations are mandated by the covenants and have been formed to administer the covenants on behalf of the homeowners. All property within Park West is subjected to these covenants; hence all Park West Property Owners are subject to the authority the provisions of the covenants. In Park West, there are three types of property associations: The Master, Amenity and Neighborhood Associations, each operating under a distinctive set of covenants. Each association is empowered to enforce the provisions of the covenants and is bound through a board of directors to administer the duties and obligations set forth therein concerning the property, to fix, levy, collect and enforce payment by any lawful means all charges and assessments, and to maintain and repair the common facilities if any are owned by the Association.

Architectural and Landscape Restrictions

Architectural and Landscape Standards and Sign Ordinance have been developed to implement the design philosophy of Park West. Specifically, to blend structures and resident lifestyles into a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing residential community while placing a strong emphasis upon the preservation and enhancement of the natural beauty of Park West. These Standards are intended to provide direction to lot owners and builders in the planning, design, and construction of their residences.

Subsequent Alterations, Additions, or Other Changes

No alteration, addition or other change may be made to any structure within Park West without having been approved by the Architectural Review Board established by the applicable covenants. Nor may the design of a mailbox or street light fixture be changed without the approval of the Architectural Review Board, and then only if the change applies to all mailboxes and lighting within a neighborhood. No signage of any type may be placed within Park West unless such sign conforms to the standards imposed by the Sign Ordinance and approved by the Architectural Review Board. Such review is to maintain the consistency in the quality of design and compatibility among all improvements.

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